Chit Fund Management Made Easier.

All about EasyCHIT


EasyCHIT is a flexible and a user friendly ERP software solution that is used in Chit fund companies that reduce the time in reports generation and increases the quality & accuracy of information.EasyCHIT ERP software helps keep a track of the chits and makes report management easy. It is one of the simplest softwares dealing with chit fund amount transactions of the financial companies. In short the EasyCHIT is a computerized ledger to store and maintain Chit fund.


Why EasyCHIT is required ?

ACCOUNTING SYSTEM :EasyCHIT takes advantage of the accrual basis accounting, which is the best way to present your organization's financial position as it records transactions, as they occur, rather than waiting until the cash itself is exchanged. This means, all your cash and non cash transactions can be recorded.

AUTOMATED ENTRY SYSTEM : All accounting entries are automated. Once entered, it would be posted in all corresponding levels of general ledger, trial balance profits & loss account and balance sheet.