Chit Fund Management Made Easier.


IN-DEPTH TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS : It is the only software that incorporates a greater depth of sub-categories (repeated narrations) configurations within a major account head permitting in-depth transactional analysis.

BANK RECONCILIATION STATEMENT : Bank Reconciliation simplifies the monthly bank reconciliations process. This module helps you detect and locate the errors or differences between your records and the bank statements.

INTIMATIONS & NOTICES : EasyCHIT helps in generating Intimation Cards & SMS automatically. Apart from Intimation, all Subscriber Documnents can be generated including SMS, Notice to the NPS & PS, which helps in providing clarity to subscriber and in turn which leads to image to the Organization.

    Intimation Letters & SMS alerts

  • Auction SMS
  • Reciept SMS
  • Bid Infromation
  • Due Infromaton
  • Promotional SMS

    NPS (Non prized Subscribers)

  • Removal Notice (UCPL)
  • Removal Letter (CPL)
  • Pledge Notice
  • Guarantor Notice

    PS (prized Subscribers)

  • PS Intimation
  • Specimen – 1 (30 Days)
  • Specimen – 2 (45 Days)
  • Bid Cancellation – 3 (60 Days)
  • P.S Reminder Letter

GUARANTORS INFO : EasyCHIT helps you in enquiring about the status of any Guarantors, Just with couple of clicks, it shows Self chits of the Guarantor and it shows the list of Subscribers to whom same Guarantor has signed as Guarantor including Financial Details. That means, EasyCHIT will provide all necessary information pertaining to any Guarantor within no time which is most important any chit-fund.

FLEXIBILITY : Easy Transfers with Transfer Fee. Easy Removals Easy Re-auction process.

REPROTING TOOLS : Produce regular reports daily transactions for up-to-date financial information. Whether it is Trial Balance, Profit and loss report, Balance sheet, Cash flow statement, Account balances, Cheques received/issued,EasyCHIT sorts and analyses all your transactions automatically to produce reports so you can see how your business is performing.

GRAPHICAL REPORTING AND ANALYSIS : Lets you analyze trends and evaluate historical data to ‘see’ what’s working and adjust what is not. Graphical reports allows you to visually filter and report data by account, productivity, and opportunity any way you choose.

MULTI-USER SYSTEM : Its client server system enables Single-user or Multiple-users to access and share data simultaneously across the network.

DATABASE SERVER : EasyCHIT is based on Antelope® Database Server indigenously developed ACETECH function as a reliant and resourceful platform to launch the product.


Gain the tools and insights to propel your company to a more productive and profitable future.

Reduced administrative overheads. Less staff time supporting accounting activities.

Affords customization for greater control and flexibility in its usage. Choose from the innumerable individual reports that the software already has or gerate customized ones to suit your specific needs.

Seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting system at minimal cost and effort.

Its superior functionality, simple navigation and appealing screens makes EasyCHIT is easy to learn, easy to implement and easy to use. With just a basic accounting knowledge, any untrained personnel can use the software.

The generic nature of itsFeatures suits a variety of business profiles ranging from sole proprietor to medium sized businesses to even large-scale businesses. Everyone can experience the same comfort-level irrespective of teh scale of operations.

EasyCHIT can expand as your business grows. You can add numerous optional modules in addition to core modules over a period of time in a logical, easy and cost-effective manner.

Its password / User control system ensures that teh sensitive functions and reports are protected, providing restricted access to your records and rendering them tamper-proof.