Chit Fund Management Made Easier.


For any business three important things to succeed and sustain the growth in business is Men, Money and Machinery. Chit Fund business is basically dependent on Men and Money and less mechanization. Can we use effective computerization/mechanization in Chit Fund business for effective utilization of Men and Money?

Yes, EasyCHIT is a state of art user friendly Chit Fund management system that maximizes the utilization of Men and Money. It is an accounting and customer management software developed specially to cater to the needs of the Chit Fund Industry.

Why only EasyCHIT ? EasyCHIT is a software developed by Kapil IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (a Prominent Member Of Kapil Group ) for one of the India's largest Chit Fund Companies having more than Rs.4000 Crores of Chit Auction turnover with 200 plus branches. The software is presently being used by over 100 chit fund companies and over Rs. 7000 Crores Chit Business running on EasyCHIT and currently it has over 3,000 satisfied users.

EasyCHIT - Right for your business

It includes various features such as creation of Chit Groups, TRIM Management, Chit Entries, Auction Details, Customer and Accounts Details, Daily Collection Agent Details, Guarantor Creation etc. It monitors the transaction of each customer, reports of the income and expenses of the company and so on. The EasyCHIT ERP software incorporated with all these facilities will lead to full utilization of man-power, quality and accuracy in information

  • The EasyCHIT software is very user friendly and any one can monitor over it
  • Complete information About Us any subscriber including Due Status, Self Chits information, Agent and Guarantors’ details etc. can be obtained in no time
  • Access to Chit software is restricted by passwords. Besides sensitive information can be viewed, printed or charged only by using a special password
  • The prime aim of this software is to secure the data, monitor the day to day activities and avoid the fraudulent activities
  • EasyCHIT, a state-of-art ERP Chit software package, provides a powerful and affordable solution that allows you to automate your chit accounting and general accounting processes enabling faster, smarter business decisions, regardless of the size of your business
  • It is also easy to customize the software to your unique requirements. It means that, you don't have to take on more manual accounting operations to compensate for software’s limitations
  • It records all your chit related transactions, updates your ledgers automatically, holds subscribers records, auction dues, prints receipts custom letters and produces all types of chit and financial reports, all in an instance!
  • Finally you can feel confident that you will be provided with upgrades and extended support